Deena has done several Simply Healed sessions on me. She has an amazing intuitive ability to know exactly what is going on with my energy. The first time she worked on me was about 4 years ago. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt immediately during and after the session. The heaviness and burdened feeling left and I felt light and could move forward with events in my life. The areas in my body that were troubling me immediately cleared up, it was awesome!


I have observed Deena working on other people. She has a great way of working with them through asking good questions and sensing the emotions involved. She is very good at sensing which areas need to be worked on first, second, etc. and when the time is right to proceed to the next step. Deena has also helped me by doing Energy work on my family many times. One of my children was having a very hard time with an addiction. We saw miracles happen in their life with the help of Simply Healed clearing generational issues and cleaning out the emotional garbage. It has been such a blessing for my child! Deena is a gifted Energy Practitioner!! I highly recommend her to anyone! Sincerely, K UT

I want to thank you for the amazing informal energy session you conducted with me. As you remember, we were just visiting, but when the timing was right, we starting talking about different energy issues I was having. It was a very open and pleasing environment, not only did you clear things up for me, but also helped my granddaughter understand about a situation with her brother. Everybody in the room that was listening to you were able to benefit.


You said that I would be able to sleep better.  You were right, only a hour after you left, I fell asleep.  I slept so soundly that when my grandson was jumping on the bed and my granddaughter, in the spirit of good fun, decided to polish my toenails I did not wake up! The next morning I fell refreshed from my sleep.  We all enjoyed a good laugh when I discovered my red toenails. Thank you again for all that you did for me. If this had not happened to me personally I would not believe the power of your energy work.
Ron AF, UT

As Deena uses her amazing gift of energy healing it instantaneously eliminates my negative beliefs, worries and fears, even inherited ones. I have been doing sessions with Deena for about 4 years. During our most recent session, Deena was releasing negative beliefs and ‘plugging in’ that I would know, be inspired and easily do the things I need to raise my positive energy.


For weeks I had been thinking that I needed to recommit to doing a specific activity every week, but something always seemed to get in the way.  During my session, Deena said that activity was 'coming up' I knew Deena was inspired - there was no way she could have known about that activity.  She cleared the blocks and came up with the perfect affirmations for me to be able to honor my commitment to myself. As we were still working, a knock came on the door - it was a monthly message about the SAME thing Deena cleared!  I am used to SimplyHealed™ working quickly, and having things be reaffirmed when Deena ‘plugs them in’ - but even I was AMAZED when this happened!!! SimplyHealed™ and Deena’s gift really works!!! I keep The Light of Christ in my life easier with the help of Deena!
Mary Jean Carson Bloomington, UT

Deena has worked with me several times. Her open, generous and positive nature make connecting with her so easy.  I am always amazed at her intuition and insight guiding her to troublesome or blocked energy that I didn't even know that I had.


Her ability to find just the right affirmations that are needed to have the greatest effect in completely and thoroughly replacing negative issues never ceases to astonish and delight me! She has a very special gift in doing this work and I am so grateful to her for helping me.  I recommend her highly!
I. Maryland

I would like to share an amazing experience I had on Friday, June 17th, 2011. As a professional trombonist and music professor at Dixie State College, I am often asked to perform unfamiliar music with short notice. On the aforementioned Friday, and at the last minute, I was to play the solo trombone part at the Tuachan Amphitheater for the musical “The Little Mermaid.” I received the music a couple of days before the performance, but never rehearsed with the orchestra; so I was essentially “sight-reading” the show.


I noticed that I was becoming very anxious about the performance. This had become a recurring problem for me over the last few years.  I wasn’t dysfunctional, but I did not look forward to professional performances and had reoccurring thoughts of inadequacy.  I never played at my best and was mostly dissatisfied with my performances. My wife, Connie, had met and worked with Deena Gray-Henry about voice and personal issues in the previous week, and I observed remarkable improvement in her voice, attitude, and even her physical appearance. She seemed younger, happier and more centered.  At Connie’s urging, I called Deena about 3 hours prior to the call time for the show.  She worked with me, over the phone, on what she referred to as “cleaning and affirming.” The results were no less than miraculous. As I approached the theater I became more, not less, relaxed and centered. I felt as if a welling–up of peace and centeredness was filling me. I subsequently had one of the best performances of my career, and the conductor asked me when I would be back again. As it turns out, I am now scheduled for 6 more performances. I continue to work with Deena who has demonstrated a marvelous gift of intuition and healing. Thank you, Deena!
Shannon Roberts St. George, UT

Prior to seeing Deena I was having some issues with a new boss at work who was blaming others (and me) for her short comings.  I had talked to a co-worker in a different department and she was also having similar issues with this same individual.  I felt my boss was trying to get me and others fired and I wasn't sure how to handle the situation.


As the session began Deena immediately went to this problem and she spent a lot of time on it.  We decided together that I needed to get the problems I was having in writing.  This is big for me. I don't complain about anything and for me to actually put the issues in writing was huge.  During the session I received an email saying I was being blamed by my boss for things I had not done. After the session I was able to put the problems in writing, send it by email(needed a date stamp), and help correct some of the problems I was having at work.  Postscript: Things are now better at work and my job is safe!
Cheryl CA

My wife and I are encouraged with the energy Deena is providing while we have our home up for sale. We were discouraged since not one person had come to see our home during the two months it had been on the market. It seemed as if the realtor was not giving the energy necessary into selling our home. Deena did an energy session for us on the home and within a week we were approached by our realtor and told that he could not spend the time necessary to do justice in selling our home. He suggested transferring our home to a new agent which we did.  Within a week we have had five persons come to view our home..  We have great confidence that our home will sell at the proper time. Thanks again! Have a GREAT day. Steve T Cedar City, UT

We had just had a strenuous day when suddenly I saw large blood floaties in my right eye. I immediately went to see an eye specialist and was diagnosed with a torn retina. Of course laser surgery was required to repair the damage but I had a very tenuous period when the retina could still detach. When I told Deena about my situation she most graciously offered to do an energy session on me.  Deena's session not only gave me peace of mind, but I am certain the strength it gave me was a big factor in hastening the healing process. During my follow up visit with the surgeon I was told the healing was perfect. THANKS! ST Utah

I know if it weren't for Deena's help, my husband and I would not have the 100% improved relationship that we have (she helped me more times than I can count during a very dark time when we were separated).  I always felt 100% better during and after sessions with her, and over the course of months the things she released made me a different person.


Deena's work helped me to BE the person I really am -- sloughing off insecurities, inhibitions, fears, old baggage, so that the real me could be free and live uninhibited.  I am able to be MYSELF now in a way I've always wanted to be but somehow COULDN'T, and I know without doubt it's because of the work Deena has done for me. I've experienced energy work and healing before, but I have never before felt -- literally FELT -- things release and the immediate change in the instant like I do when Deena works on me.  Other energy healings I've experienced are vague -- you more hope they're helping than actual feel it.  But with Deena, you FEEL it so clearly -- the difference, the shifts are undeniable.  I have recommended Deena to many friends and family and they have reported back with the same results!  Thanks Deena!
Cami UT

My experiences with Deena Gray-Henry's work on me has been most incredible. At a particular time, I was feeling overwhelmed with past experiences and present demands but as Deena cleared me, all the anxiety not only left but I was open to great inspiration. I felt as past and present negative energy was released. I was open to greater insight from the Lord. This was a joyful healing experience that energized me physically and spiritually.


On another occasion as Deena was doing some energy work for others in my home,; I had a feeling my house was being swept; the walls washed and a great unseen cleaning was taking place. This was a freeing, joyous feeling to which I am ever grateful. How blessed we are to have this new approach to healing our bodies and minds. To me, it is a direct gift from God and I am so grateful to Deena for completing all the training and being so willing to give of her talents to the public.

I have a 9 year old son that has learning disabilities. School and getting any job completed is extremely difficult for him.  It has also been hard for him to make and keep friends. My son had a session with Deena.  Deena definitely has a gift!  She is able to quickly pick up on a problem and quickly clear it.  I felt like she knew my son almost as much as I did.  She was able to understand his problems more than anyone we have seen. She even helped me (his mom) realize I needed to give this precious child more positive affirmations because he isn't getting them from school or friends.  And guess what?  Since the session, my son has had more friends coming over wanting to play with "him"!  Thank you, Deena!!! Cheryl CA

Deena saw a picture of my step-daughter. She asked me what was going on with her.  My step-daughter was expecting a baby soon, was having an issue with high blood pressure and might need to be induced the following day, even though she was early.  Her blood pressure had been way too high for quite some time and they had been unable to get it down. Deena cleared some things for both the mom and the baby. The next day my step-daughter called after her doctor's visit and said that her blood pressure was normal and that they didn’t need to induce.  The baby was born a week later and all was well! C UTAH

I am writing to tell you of the awesome experiences that I have had having SimplyHealed™ sessions with Deena Gray-Henry . She is so professional and intuitive. At the same time she is very positive and upbeat and very on-target discovering the issues that are ready to be worked on. Working with her has been so healing for me and my life keeps changing for the better. She is the best and I so appreciate all that she has done for me! Gratefully, IW

I am an opera singer recovering from a virus which partially paralyzed one of my vocal folds. I had reached a stand-still in the rehabilitation process and was so discouraged. Deena worked with me and when I went to my next appointment with the vocal therapist I was able to sing “Happy Birthday” for the first time in 2 years! That breakthrough allowed me to begin singing the songs and exercises needed to rebuild my voice! I have made so much progress since Deena worked with me and I will always be grateful! Sometimes I still feel discouraged – Deena is always able to clear the negative energy so that I can do what I need to do to heal. I was ready to give up – Deena has made such a difference for me! Connie Nokes-Roberts St. George, UT

A few months ago I was having a lot more downs than ups emotionally. I was scared because my mom's side of the family has bipolar and I didn't want to live like that. I was having a hard night.  My friend talked to me about Deena's ''energy work'' (SimplyHealed™).  She had a successful session with Deena and insisted I call her.  I followed my friend's advice and called Deena.  I had a session and we worked on lots of issues.   Deena saw and ''fixed'' many, many things, but the most important for me was the ''bipolar'' problem, which she fixed!   I have not had any abnormal downs since Deena took time for me that night.


Deena has a gift and she can tell you things that you never really realized until she tells you, and she fixes them. She fixed a big big mental health problem in my life and for my future family AND I know they will be protected from this issue  because of Deena. She changed what could have been a horrible future family life..  Like others said, I don't know how, but it works! Thank you for everything you do! I love u!
Jenny Canada

There was one occasion when I was depressed to the point of suicide. Deena and I both arrived at the same time to a meeting -- she could see I was in a bad way, so she pulled me into a room by ourselves. Literally within 10 minutes of her clearing things, I went from suicidal to smiling and sunny again. That fast!  As she says, she clears out the weak energy -- the garbage -- that hedges us in and holds us down.


That is the kind of miraculous work she does. The things she clears are so spot-on -- she tells you something that she feels needs to be cleared (things she couldn't possibly know without Divine inspiration), and it's always amazingly right! I know that Deena's work is inspired of God. There have been so many times that she and I have miraculously and unexpectedly crossed paths just when I needed her.  Because she's open to helping others (and has the gift to do it), the Lord always brings Deena into the lives of those who need her help.
CC Utah

One year without a job, 200 applications and finally a face to face interview. By then my son-in-law and daughter had many negative feelings - like: he doesn't interview well; he'll never get a good job; life is so unfair and on and on. Deena Gray-Henry did a SimplyHealed™ dedication session on both of them. I talked with them immediately after the dedication session - their tone of conversation had changed, they had new hope and different attitudes. He went to an interview for a great job and they loved him.  He got a job he loves and its more than they hoped for, close to home and many benefits.  Amazing..... God is so good to us when we have faith and when we are able to clear out the blocks and negative energy.  We need help to do this many times and that’s when Deena's work can make a world of difference in all of us. Thank goodness for the wonderful work Deena does. LH St. George, UT

I'm a psychotherapist by training and find myself inquisitive to learn and understand many modalities to heal. When Deena first approached me and offered to help I was open to seeing what Simply Healed had to offer. I have struggled through what has been the most challenging year of my life with end of a 13 year marriage and felt open to whatever help I could receive to heal and feel healthier mentally and spiritually. Simply Healed provided me with a sense of calm and peace that I desperately needed. I felt an inner strength and now feel that whatever trials lie ahead I'm content that I will get through them. It helped me forgive, accept and put my faith and trust where it belongs. Thank you Deena for the dedication and caring work that you do, you're a compassionate and inspiring person. MH, UT

I wanted to express the deepest gratitude from my heart for the work today!! Thank you, thank you! I am filled with such joy and am so much lighter and brighter! I know my family will benefit greatly! Wishing you continued blessings of bliss, ease and joy, Linda

The big thing I have noticed is that I often used to get an uncomfortable feeling in my belly, which usually occurred when I was anxious/ stressed about something. I've experienced it from a young age, and it continued to occur randomly even when I had no stress going on in my life. I would ask myself 'what are you anxious/upset' about but often couldn't come up with anything. It was like a phantom (uncomfortable) feeling but I couldn't work out the cause. WELL - THAT SEEMS TO HAVE GONE since our session. Thank you so much. I feel so much better with it gone. I am very grateful to you for that change Deena.
Noel New Zealand

Ten days ago I experienced an individual session with Deena which took tons of emotional and energetic burdens off me. My heart opens more easily and my inner child keeps singing and dancing. The big issue of my unhealthy relationship with food has been minimised to a deflated balloon which is a real miracle. Deena led me through the session in a thoroughly kind and loving manner and her intuition of feeling and seeing the roots of the problems was spot on and just amazing.
My heartfelt thanks for this outstanding session.
Sonja - Germany

Thursday's session was amazing! The panic and insecurity are gone.  I feel much stronger/clearer now and feel opportunities can open up for me. Thank you so much! I was amazed that in 1 day the tax issue is resolved and that 2 weeks ago and even just a couple of days ago nothing was resolved - THANK YOU!!


I wanted to tell you that last night I had my Improv. Comedy class.  The teacher commented on how calm, focused and grounded I was.  He said he was very glad to see the growth.  He used to say I was like a humming bird (going very quickly from one idea to another).  People are starting to notice the changes after our last session and I am feeling more free and confident in dealing with others and myself! Right now I am feeling a surge of Happiness!  I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for the affirmations! I am so loving the progress and changes!  Thank you for helping me get to a higher level!
Love, Michelle, Los Angeles, CA

Big changes, thank you.  It has been quite amazing.  I have been able to set my boundaries without the anger and yelling, from a powerful space rather than a frenzied and out of control space.  I have noticed that I can let go of having to be right and just surrender re the small stuff.  When my husband is prepared to set in re a topic, I have been able to surrender and just allow his point of view and I realize how insignificant it is to even discuss things (which in the past would have locked me into 1-2 hr heated exchanges) and am amazed at how much energy I used to give the most simple daily choices re trifling things.


It has also become apparent to me how controlling he is in the small stuff in our relationship.  And that is why I used to lose it in the past because I felt so un-free.  Like for example I would buy jelly and if we already had jelly in the fridge that he had bought earlier it would become an issue for him how I shouldn't have bought it and why didn't I look before I bought it.  I was able to say without anger  "hey don't sweat it, we will not eat my jelly when you want us to eat your jelly, but rest assured at some stage we will eat my jelly so it won't be wasted"  I also said “hey let go of having to have things be the way that you want them to be and realize that there are two of us and sometimes you need to allow my point of view if you want to have a loving relationship with me”.  All in a nice way. I feel in my body now the trigger starting to come up and I can make a choice for a peaceful response whereas in the past like you said I went from 0 to 100 in a second!  I didn't realize how much boundary issues came up in our daily interactions.  I always bought into his reality that I was controlling and always telling him what to do and how I didn’t allow him to just be and do things his way and how he was a victim of my bossiness.  It was a revelation to see how controlling he is in the small everyday things. He is becoming aware of how controlling he (whereas I got the blame in the past) is and is considering the possibility of having a session with you. He is witnessing how different I am and he is interested in making an appointment because of it. I am also insisting that my husband speak to me kindly (he is unkind a lot of the time) and from a space of power and balance.  You were so right in that my son is hearing and seeing me show up in a different way when I set my boundaries from a place of power rather than as a crazy woman.  I can see in his face that it is very good.  I can also see where, in the past, my son would normally start to brace himself and distract himself when we looked as if we are going to start arguing when we disagreed to now showing an interest in the new dynamics. Things are so much better and we have had harmony in our home for 3 days, a record!!!!!! After the next session: This is really powerful stuff.  I am also incorporating.  I own my power.  I am a powerful woman.  It is safe for me to own my power as part of my morning routine. I feel in such high energy. It is very exciting! THANK YOU!!!
-Anonymous Contributor

Thanks so much for the amazing session! I had instinctual, gut feelings about many things throughout my life that I surpressed because of adult and at times peer disapproval and criticism. they were totally validated during my session with you, and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I felt light, happy and free. What a wonderful feeling! Thank you so much for what you did for me!! You can never know how much I appreciate your kindness, like a light at the end of a long dark tunnel.  I pray the Lord will bless you for all you do for my family!!! -Kathleen

I am " blown away" by the results of that session. Fantastic! I feel so much better -- and it is holding! -Susan

You are amazing and I am sooo grateful that you are in my life!!  I feel such a lightness and an incredible power within...   I feel a sense of direction and believe this feeling is the tangible piece that I have been seeking!  I can't thank you enough! Katey New York

WOW!  Thank God for Deena, who is an instrument in His hands to help us QUICKLY overcome trials, sorrows, doubts, fears and various burdens which weigh us down and hold us back from reaching our true potential! Moreover, THANK YOU DEENA for your astounding skill and ability which enabled you to help me so much in MY FIRST EVER SESSION WITH YOU TODAY! I was already familiar with the SIMPLY HEALED modality and had experienced a few sessions with a couple other people in the past few years. However, with YOUR UNIQUE PERSONALITY, SKILLS AND ABILITIES, you took me to new heights of light and truth and spiritual/emotional healing. With your special techniques I was able to feel RENEWED FAITH AND CONFIDENCE which I hadn’t felt in a long time! Probably most of all, your CHRISTLIKE COMPASSION and related insight moved me deeply as you shared the emotion that I felt but was hesitant to reveal, and enabled me to more fully actualize the clearing and healing process in order to move forward in my life! M. N. Mesa, Arizona

I am not the most blind faith type of person that lives here on earth and when my wife and daughter started having some “energy work” sessions with Deena I was a little more than skeptical. They would say that they felt much better and claimed they were more relaxed and in tune with the things that were occurring in their lives.  Needless to say they kept trying to get me to agree to a session with Deena. Recently I was having problems at work and I was willing to try anything, even “hocus pocus” stuff as I called it. My first session with Deena was quite pleasant, but I didn’t feel that anything had been accomplished.  But, over the next few days, various things started to feel more and more sorted out and it seemed that I had started to feel like something was going on.  Kind of like cleaning house on the brain, sweep around the ole attic and shake up the cob webs a little. After each session with Deena, more and more things started to be sorted out.  I felt like I was being put back together bits at a time, I felt more and more relaxed and in control of me and almost back to whatever is ‘normal’. I was required to see a counselor, which I did.  All we did was talk and a lot of the time I didn’t understand what she wanted me to do.  My sessions with Deena produced real change – in my thoughts, words and actions - even my constant pain was better. I feel that Deena’s work did much more for me than the counselor. I believe Deena’s work is indeed very real and if you can be real with yourself and honest I recommend scheduling a session with her to see if she can help you also, she has and is helping my family and myself. Thanks Deena Name Withheld Las Vegas, NV

I had to write immediately and let you know the result of our session yesterday: Surprise! My wife and I settled out of court today!! Very fair on both sides. Thanks again! I did all the assignments you gave me - you were spot on, they were exactly what I needed for this to happen and the bonus is they happened in just ONE day! You’re wonderful! Name Withheld Utah

I want to thank you so much for my recent SimplyHealed session.  It was truly a priceless gift that keeps on giving, as I have noticed in myself the ability to create a more positive outlook which keeps me moving forward.  I loved the affirmations, and the imagery of light versus darkness.  The energy that was evoked was.... very powerful!  Thank you for extending a hand to make a wonderful difference in my life. Lisa Ames


SimplyHealed™ is a tool for personal transformation founded by Carolyn Cooper. Deena Gray-Henry is an Energy Therapist and not a licensed physician or psychologist.

As with any tool, discretion and discernment are necessary for it’s proper use. When you participate in the SimplyHealed™ program, understand that each of us is responsible for our own health and well being at all times and we should not expect any other person or group to assume that responsibility in any way.

SimplyHealed™ does not advocate the use of this tool for diagnosis or prescription for health problems of any kind. While SimplyHealed™ methods can be very effective, they do not take the place of appropriate medical care or psychological counseling. If there is a need, you should seek competent medical/psychological analysis, advice, or treatment.

‘Deena’ is not the ‘healer’, she is an instrument – God is the Healer